Your crash course in hydroelectric power

Michigan boasts some of the most stunning lakes and rivers in the United States. These beautiful waters are more than just backdrop for a summer day’s recreation—they power Michigan homes and businesses.

Hydroelectric power has been a renewable energy resource in Michigan for more than a century and is a valuable part of our energy mix today. It provides large-scale energy that is both reliable and affordable, adding to both the diversity and sustainability of our power supply.

So what should you know about hydro power in Michigan? Here are three key reasons it’s so important to our energy future.

  1. Hydro power is the oldest source of electricity in the state. That doesn’t mean hydro is a thing of the past, though! Michigan’s hydroelectric facilities feed clean energy into our grid every day that is used by millions of Michiganders across the state.
  2. Even though we’re surrounded by lakes, rivers still play an important role. In fact, where there is a river, there’s a good chance there is a hydroelectric facility, in fact there are more than 89 energy producing facilities statewide. These dams play a critical role in hydroelectric power generation, and help make up for our lack of rushing rivers.
  3. The Ludington Pumped Storage Plant along the coast of Lake Michigan has been called one of the world’s biggest batteries. This single plant generates enough power to serve about 4 million homes. It’s the fifth largest of its kind worldwide!

We already know that hydro is a clean fuel source, and Michigan benefits in many that go beyond its being clean. Hydro power

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