Winter Energy Efficiency

The first official day of winter is December 21, and already we’ve had some weather that feels more like mid-January.

Michigan energy providers have been working hard all year to get ready—making sure that Michiganders have access to affordable, reliable energy all winter long.

Consumers have a role to play as well: Are you, your home, and your family prepared for what could be another harsh winter? 

Below are some tips to help keep your house warm and your costs down this winter.

It Pays to Be Prepared

Winter is no joke in Michigan at any time. But after last year’s epically cold and snowy season, it’s even less funny. Especially since this winter has significant potential to be nasty as well.

Preparation is key. With a handful of relatively easy steps, you can make sure your home retains heat well even in the depth of winter—keeping you and your family safe and warm while saving you money.

Recently, Consumers Energy published a comprehensive winter preparation list: “9 Tips to Winter Weatherproof Your Michigan Home.” We would encourage all our readers to take a look and make sure their homes are ready:

1. Replace Furnace Filter 6. Check for Carbon Monoxide Leaks
2. Test Run Your Heater 7. Prep Your Windows
3. Install a Programmable Thermostat 8. Check Your Doors
4. Reset Your Ceiling Fan 9. Pack Emergency Supplies
5. Clean Out Your Chimney

Click here for more detailed information about each of these steps. DTE Energy also has a guide to keeping your energy bill low even as your energy use may rise in the winter.

Finally, for even more energy-efficiency tips room-by-room (in winter and throughout the year), check out DTE Energy’s interactive Energy Efficiency House.

A Helping Hand

While everyone should take the time to make their homes more efficient, for some, this isn’t enough to keep costs affordable. If you are struggling financially this winter, remember that both the State of Michigan and Michigan energy providers sponsor low-income energy assistance programs to help.
Have you winterized your home, or do you have a story about how your efficiency efforts helped you save money? We’d like to hear it!