What Will 2016 Mean for Michigan Energy?

With the holidays behind us, we look again to Lansing to ensure that the momentum built in the fall around comprehensive energy legislation continues in early 2016. We were hopeful that legislators would be able to finalize and pass these bills before the end of last year.  Despite delays, lawmakers in Lansing are confident that a vote can occur by spring.

Final Energy Legislation Is Within Reach

While the debate and process around energy legislation can be complicated, the goals of good energy policy are straightforward. To meet our energy needs now and in the future, we need an energy policy out of Lansing that addresses the three Fs we discussed last year—fairness, future, and flexibility:

Legislators must make passing energy policy a priority in the coming months because building new generation capabilities takes time, and we need to prepare for Michigan’s future energy needs now.  The fact that this is an election year only complicates matters further, making it even more urgent that lawmakers get the job done sooner rather than later.

Energy Progress in 2016

As we await the final moves from legislators in Lansing on current energy policy proposals, Michigan will see a number of key energy developments this year:

Keep Up the Good Work!

2016 is likely to see a lot of energy developments for Michigan, and we’ll let you know when it’s time to come together to make our voices heard.  Until then, thanks for your continued support through this long process.