What’s NEXT for NEXUS

If you’ve been keeping up with our previous coverage of the NEXUS pipeline, you already know how important this project is for Michigan’s energy—and economic—future.

So where does the NEXUS pipeline project stand?

Below is a timeline of the major NEXUS milestones and what’s still to come as this pipeline becomes a reality:

The NEXUS pipeline project has been closely regulated and evaluated for safe construction and implementation over the past three years. In that time, federal and state regulators have weighed the benefits to our economy, determined mitigation measures to protect and preserve our environment, and received vital input from stakeholders and the public.

And What’s the Economic Impact of NEXUS in Michigan?

The NEXUS pipeline will deliver not just cleaner energy to Michigan, but also incredible economic returns for our state. Below are some key numbers you need to know about the economic benefits of the pipeline for Michigan:

The results are conclusive: once complete, the NEXUS pipeline will be an important resource for powering Michigan jobs, boosting local economies, and keeping our energy reliable.