What’s Up in Lansing: Renewable Energy

In our previous posts in this series, we discussed how the various energy plans in Lansing tackle electric deregulation and energy efficiency. This week, we explore how these various proposals address renewable energy.

Governor Snyder’s Plan

Renewable energy plays a prominent role in Governor Snyder’s energy plan. The Governor believes that Michigan must diversify its energy supply to meet our future energy needs—and that we must get to work immediately so that Michigan can control its own energy future.

Committee Chair Plans—Nesbitt and Nofs

As noted last week, the chairmen of the major energy committees in the house and senate each have energy plans in the works that include renewable energy:

Both of these approaches place a premium on providing affordable and reliable energy to Michigan businesses and consumers.

Other Legislation

Looking Ahead

Renewable energy is an important factor in creating a bright energy future for Michigan. And to comply with new federal regulations, our state will need to focus on clean energy sources. As Michigan lawmakers crafted our state’s next set of energy policies, AMP will continue to highlight this important debate, and seek your input.

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