What’s up in Lansing: Michigan Energy Legislation

Several proposals in Lansing could have a significant impact on Michigan energy. How Governor Snyder and state legislators choose to proceed this year will determine how Michigan provides affordable and reliable energy for years to come.

A Look at the Options

Right now there are five proposals related to regulating Michigan’s electricity supply.  Four of these proposals are focused on planning for a secure energy future, while the fifth proposal leaves our state exposed to the looming capacity shortfall.

Addressing Fairness and Ensuring Electricity Supply for ALL

Jeopardizing Affordability and Reliability

Where AMP Stands

There is no question something needs to be done to address Michigan’s current energy problems, which are aggravated by deregulation.

But as history clearly shows—in Michigan and in many states across the country—full or partial electric deregulation does more to undermine a state’s electric market.  Here in Michigan, it leaves our state unable to adequately plan for future capacity needs, adding to our impending capacity shortfall.  It has also left 90 percent of Michigan ratepayers footing the bill for the 10 percent of customers who do not pay to maintain our state’s electric infrastructure, despite the fact that we all use it.

Addressing electric regulation is really the choice that puts Michigan first—ensuring reliability for all Michiganders and putting Michigan in control of its own energy future. 

We urge you to contact your state legislators to ask them to support Representative Nesbitt’s plan.  Take action today if you haven’t already.