What’s Up in Lansing: Energy Efficiency

In our first post in this series, we explored how the various energy proposals in Lansing tackle the issue of electric deregulation. This week, we look at how those proposals address another important priority: energy efficiency.

Governor Snyder’s Plan

Governor Snyder’s energy plan dedicates significant resources to increasing energy efficiency in the state for residential, institutional, and business consumers.

Committee Chair Plans—Nesbitt and Nofs

The chairs of both of the state legislature’s energy committees—the House Energy Policy Committee and the Senate Energy and Technology Committee—also address energy efficiency in their respective plans.

The Nofs plan will be formally introduced next month, the approach will likely be similar. This plan will focus more on a comprehensive clean energy standard that works in concert with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and the IRP process. Stay tuned for more updates once this legislation is introduced.

Other Legislation

Moving Forward

Energy efficiency will undoubtedly play a significant role as Lansing continues to debate the best path forward for Michigan’s energy future. Through new approaches to the state’s energy efficiency goals, we can not only help plan for tomorrow’s energy needs, but we can also help Michigan families and businesses save money today.

Stay tuned next week as we continue to explore these competing energy proposals out of Lansing and what they could mean for all Michiganders.

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