Welcome to Lansing!

The 2015 Michigan legislative session is set to kick off next month, and AMP wants to help all our members get ready to make their voices heard.

With every new legislature come both opportunities and challenges. We will need to begin our outreach to new legislators as soon as they get to Lansing to help ensure they are prepared to make smart energy decisions for our state in 2015.

That’s where our new “Welcome to Lansing” initiative comes in.

Next month, we’ll be asking you to welcome your state legislators to Lansing by educating them about AMP and encouraging them to develop smart energy policies that reflect our core principles:

  1. Economy & Jobs: Common-sense energy solutions foster a stronger economy.
  2. Sustainability & Innovation: Energy innovation moves Michigan forward.
  3. Access, Reliability, & Fairness: Reliable, fairly priced energy is key to Michigan’s future.  
  4. Michigan’s Energy Future: An energy-independent Michigan is a stronger Michigan.

Please keep your eyes out in the New Year for communications about this vital initiative.

As we’ve noted in several recent posts (here, here, and here), the Michigan legislature will contend with a number of issues that will shape our state’s energy future for decades to come. With certain provisions of our state’s 2008 energy law set to expire next year, it will be crucial for our lawmakers to implement smart, thoughtful energy policies that lead Michigan to a brighter future.

Stay tuned for more information—and for our call to action—in January.