Weathering Michigan’s Storms: Stay Safe

Michigan has unpredictable weather. Just last week, the Wolverine state saw NINE tornadoes, and more storms are likely this week.

Severe weather can come with downed power lines and outages, and it’s important to be prepared so you can stay safe.  Here are just a few tips.

Before the Storm

One easy way to practice good storm safety habits is to trim your trees. Any branches that are low-hanging or near a power line can cause damage to your property and increase the risk of a power outage. Unkempt tree limbs cause about two-thirds of all storm-related power outages. Local energy providers invest a lot of time and money in tree trimming and vegetation clearing to keep your power lines (and your family) safe!

Besides tree trimming, make sure you have flashlights or battery-operated lanterns available, bottled water, and nonperishable food.

What to Do if a Storm Causes Outages in Your Area

For more tips on how you can stay safe during Michigan storm seasons, check out these additional resources from DTE Energy and Consumers Energy.