Waste Not, Want Not: Michigan Energy Producers & Efficiency

With Michigan facing an electric capacity crisis, energy efficiency is a major topic of discussion among Governor Snyder and lawmakers in Lansing. Increasing energy-efficiency efforts across the state—by individuals, businesses, and entire industries—will be an important component of how we our energy needs in the future.

Leading by Example

As the organizations charged with meeting most of the state’s power needs, Michigan’s local energy providers are primary players in energy-efficiency discussions. They are leading the way in the development and implementation of current and future efficiency plans, tools, and information.

Partnering with Residential and Business Customers

Michigan’s local energy producers have numerous programs to help both their residential and commercial customers use less energy.

Saving Energy—and Money

Efficiency programs offered by local Michigan energy providers are also helping save their customers money—a benefit that’s equally important as our state continues to rebuild from the recent economic downturn.

Since 2009, Consumers Energy efficiency plans have saved participating customers a whopping $855 million. And DTE Energy saved its participating customers $512 million—in a single year (2013)!

What do you think about the efforts our local energy providers are making to increase energy efficiency? Tell us today.