Voluntary Green Pricing Programs Empower Michiganders

Michigan has made significant progress in securing a cleaner energy future, thanks to the innovation, effort, and collaboration among local energy providers, regulators and policymakers, and energy consumers.

Part of the reason we have been so successful in transitioning to cleaner forms of energy is because Michigan lawmakers put in place a flexible, Michigan-first policy framework that enables us to keep moving toward a cleaner energy future in a way that works for our state. That means we are able to continue incorporating greater use of clean and renewable energy resources without sacrificing reliability, affordability, or fairness for anyone.

In the coming years, we are on the right path to build on this progress as local energy providers continue to invest in technologies and programs that make clean energy more accessible for Michigan homes and businesses. Voluntary Green Pricing Programs, for example, will help increase use of renewables statewide much more efficiently than other house-by-house solutions.

Here’s why.

Opening Access to Renewable Energy

Here’s what you should know about Voluntary Green Pricing Programs:

Why Voluntary Green Pricing Programs are the Best Fit for Michigan

Voluntary Green Pricing programs help give more Michiganders access to renewable energy by tapping into universal renewable energy, including large-scale solar arrays and wind farms. These community-based projects generate clean energy in a way that protects fairness, reliability, and affordability for all Michiganders.

That’s why enabling more Michigan homes and businesses to access their energy from these projects is so important—and why Voluntary Green Energy programs are such a vital part of Michigan’s clean energy future.

Want to know more? Stay tuned for our next post highlighting local energy providers’ Voluntary Green Pricing programs.