UIS Group of Companies

Hear from the owner

John Patry, owner of UIS, talks about how his business is proud to be servicing the many power generators in Michigan.

“The move away from coal impacted our business, but, fortunately, we were able to replace that work with the new windmill and solar facilities that have been created throughout Michigan.  We also look forward to working at the new natural gas plants that are coming online soon.“

Why Keeping Energy Local Matters

“The power industry, whether it be clean power or natural gas production, provides ongoing, fulfilling, and great-paying jobs for Michiganders.  We understand and support the policy on shutting down coal plants; however, we encourage the support of local natural gas plants, windmills, and solar power to replace those lost jobs.”

We Love What We do

We love being a One-Stop Shop for Electrical Services. Our field service people who are at times superheroes must have 4 years of electrical work before we consider hiring them. We want to see a love and a capacity for serving people in the complex electrical world.

Who We Are

We are field service leaders.  Our field people are selected among the brightest electricians, then trained and tooled to think like engineers and execute like professional technicians.

What We Value

Our staff are selected and retained because they consistently demonstrate our core values.  They are honest, trustworthy, and make safety priority one. They consistently show a mission to serve no matter what the time is, and they are committed to ongoing learning—an essential trait in this complex electrical world. They are professional in the way they approach their work and relate with people, and they have a strong desire to share their knowledge to raise the skills of the people around them.