U-M Law Professor Confirmed as USDOE General Counsel

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Dr. Steven Croley of the University of Michigan was recently confirmed as the U.S. Department of Energy’s General Counsel. The Alliance for Michigan Power would like to extend our congratulations to him and his family. (He is married to Michigan Supreme Court Associate Justice Bridget Mary McCormack).

Commenting on the confirmation, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said, “Dr. Croley brings to the Department leadership team both extensive experience representing the interests of the United States and wide-ranging interests in energy and environmental issues.”

The Office of General Counsel provides legal advice, counsel, and support to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and program offices across the DOE complex to help further the Department’s mission of advancing national, economic, and energy security of the United States through scientific and technological innovation and the environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex. As General Counsel, Dr. Croley will work with a team of attorneys to ensure the Department operates in full compliance with the law.

Most recently, Dr. Croley has served in various roles in the Office of the White House Counsel and the Domestic Policy Council. As Deputy White House Counsel he managed a team of lawyers working on a number of domestic issues, including energy.

“All of the Above” Energy Policy

Dr. Croley will be focused on advancing the President’s “all of the above” energy policy, which aims to research and develop all domestic energy resources, both traditional and alternative, in order to diversify the country’s energy resources and strengthen our energy future through innovative and sustainable energy. The President has promoted this position since his days as a candidate in 2008 and discussed it in his 2014 State of the Union speech.

“It is a compelling set of public policy issues that are relevant today and will be relevant in the foreseeable future,” Dr. Croley told The Detroit News. As the Department’s top lawyer, he’ll be responsible for holding various jurisdictions and the energy industry accountable.

Other Priorities

Dr. Croley will likely have an important role in supporting access, reliability, and fairness, while protecting the economy and jobs. He could also have a very important influence on how issues like deregulation and the deployment of smart grids play out.

We are confident Dr. Croley will act in the best interests of Michigan and the entire nation, and we are proud to have Michigan so well represented in our nation’s capital.