Two Visions for Michigan’s Energy Future

On March 12, the Alliance for Michigan Power held a telephone town hall to discuss electric deregulation. One of the key things we learned is that, when asked, “When it comes to electric deregulation, what is your biggest concern?,” 42 percent of participants responded with “the impact on Michigan’s energy future.”

We thought it would be helpful, then, to explore a bit further what the energy future looks like for Michigan—with electric deregulation and without it.

A Future with Electric Deregulation

Perhaps our best gauge of what Michigan’s energy future could look like under a system of electric deregulation is what has happened in other states:

A Future with Locally Produced Energy

To understand what Michigan’s energy future could look like if we maintain our current regulatory framework, we can look at what has already happened in the years since our state’s 2008 energy law was enacted.

Clearly, these are two very different visions of Michigan’s energy future. AMP believes we should continue to build on the existing foundation of a system that is working for Michigan, not adopt a risky strategy that has proven disastrous in most other states that have tried it.

The good news is, our elected officials in Lansing have heard our concerns about electric deregulation and have slowed any movement toward deregulation considerably.  While deregulation is still a possibility, we’re making progress toward securing an energy future anchored in power produced by Michiganders for Michiganders.