Top Four Scariest Things about the Legislature’s Delay on Energy Legislation

This Halloween, there’s one thing that has us shaking in our boots – and it isn’t a horror flick, the hordes of trick-or-treaters dressed up to fright and delight, or anything else that goes bump in the night.

This year, the Alliance for Michigan Power is most afraid of what will happen if the Michigan Legislature continues to delay passing energy legislation that puts Michigan first. Here’s a closer look at what’s keeping us up at night:

More coal-fired plants will continue to close across the Midwest over the coming months and years. We need to be able to replace that lost capacity with local energy production that supports Michigan jobs, strengthens local communities, and keeps our energy affordable and reliable. But building new generation capabilities takes time. If we don’t get a plan in place soon, we could be out of luck.

The longer legislators wait to enact new energy policy to secure Michigan’s energy future, the greater the risk of diminished reliability we face as a state. It’s clear that we can only import so much of our power from out-of-state interests. To keep the power on—and to maintain a strong, vibrant economy — we need an energy policy that encourages local energy development and prioritizes Michigan jobs and communities.

Michigan needs to address the problems created by our system of partial deregulation so we have an energy policy that treats all Michiganders fairly. Our system currently forces 99 percent of consumers to pay more to support the cost of our electric grid so 1 percent can elect to buy their energy from out-of-state providers. The longer we go without addressing the inherent unfairness created by this system, the worse off many Michigan families will be.

Perhaps one of the most frightening prospects if the Michigan Legislature fails to pass new energy legislation this year is that we will have to start over from scratch next year. We’ve made too much progress now to just scrap all the hard work we’ve accomplished — and we need to be able to turn our attention to the truly hard work of rebuilding Michigan’s energy infrastructure — work that will take years after new energy policy is in place.

Remember, the Michigan Senate will be voting on the Nofs-Proos energy legislation in less than two weeks — November 10 is the day! It’s up to us to continue reminding them why it’s so important to Choose Michigan when it comes to our next energy policy — if you haven’t already, send them a quick message today!

And most importantly, have a happy and safe Halloween from all of us at AMP!