Top Five Winter Efficiency Preparedness Tips

Michiganders have experienced especially bad winters over the last several years — which is saying something. Michigan recently “won” the dubious honor of having the second-worst winters in the United States. (Only Minnesota beat us.)

During winter storms and days when the temperatures plummet to unsafe levels, Michigan’s local energy providers work hard to make sure energy flows to keep the lights and heat on for everyone. But each of us can do a little bit more to keep energy reliable this time of year, as well as ease the pressure on our pocketbooks.

Top Five Winter Efficiency Preparedness Tips

A few commonsense steps will help make sure our homes retain heat more effectively, even on the coldest days and nights.

Click here for a more comprehensive and detailed list of winter preparedness steps.

Keeping Everyone Safe and Warm This Winter

Winters can be harder for some than others. Those struggling to make ends meet face an especially difficult challenge each winter, when heating and electricity costs eat up a greater percentage of their monthly budgets.

Fortunately, funding is available to help those in need pay their heating bills during the colder months:

Stay Warm, Stay Safe

Michigan winters can be tough. But Michiganders are tougher. We all have made it through some harsh winters, and there is no reason for any of us to suffer from the cold.

With a few simple steps to increase home heating efficiency — and a helping hand with heating bills for those who are struggling financially — we can make sure all Michigan residents remain safe and warm this winter.