The Primary Elections Are Over—Now What?

The primary elections have come and gone, and Michigan is one step closer to determining what the legislature—and our state’s policies on various issues—will look like for the next several years.

As we look toward the general election in November, we encourage all AMP members to continue to explore and consider the connection between people and policies.  We have a number of resources to help:

Candidate Energy Survey

We contacted every candidate for state elective office in Michigan—Governor, State Senate, and State House of Representatives—and asked them to share their positions on energy issues like affordability, reliability, fairness, and sustainability.

Find out where your candidates stand on energy issues

The Impact of Energy Policy

The candidates that we elect this fall will have a big say in the policies that impact our everyday lives. Important legislation like the 2016 energy law is drafted, debated, and enacted every day in Lansing. Understanding how those policies ultimately affect individual Michigan homes and businesses can help you make more informed decisions.

Learn more about the impact of energy policy

How Michigan Policies are Made

Don’t worry—we know the legislative process is complex, so we’ve broken it down for you. Check out how the Michigan political process works on the AMP website.

Get the scoop on the legislative process

The elections are a moment in time but their impacts continue year round.  You can find valuable information on the AMP website to help put the elections in context of important energy issues,  like Michigan’s all of the above energy mix, energy infrastructure, and investments in new technology.

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