Supply Chain Spotlight: Stiverson & Associates Inc.

From welding and construction to janitorial services, Michigan energy helps support thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of jobs across the state.

Today, we’re taking a look at Stiverson & Associates Inc., a civil engineering surveying firm based out of Bad Axe, Michigan.

From the Beginning

Rob Stiverson first opened Stiverson & Associates Inc. in 2007. The company currently employs three Michiganders and works to provide critical services that help determine the design and construction of buildings, infrastructure, and facilities.

Firms like Stiverson & Associates help design infrastructure ranging from highways, bridges, and tunnels to our electric infrastructure (power plants, natural gas and water pipelines, and hydroelectric dams). Civil engineer surveyors take measurements, assess impacts, and monitor large-scale construction projects from the beginning through completion.

Civil engineers will play a critical role partnering with Michigan’s local energy providers as they build new power plants and expand their production of renewable energy through wind farms and large-scale solar installations. Among other things, civil engineering firms may design roads to provide access to various components of our electric system, figure out how to connect new electric infrastructure to the infrastructure Michigan already has, or test building materials for use in projects like the Nexus Pipeline, and provide data measurements local energy companies may use in developing new facilities.

Keeping it Local

Today, roughly one-third of Stiverson & Associates’ work has come directly from Michigan’s energy sector. Without the work from local energy providers, Stiverson says, his company may have gone belly-up in its first few years.

The nature of civil engineering surveying work means that some contracts don’t pay out until years after the completion of a project. These delays can take their toll, especially on a new business struggling to turn a profit. Thanks to the work provided by local energy providers, Stiverson was able to keep its doors open.

The Bottom Line

Stiverson & Associates wants to see Michigan focus on investing in energy made in Michigan by Michiganders—including building new generation and production facilities. While Stiverson & Associates is a small firm, its relationship with local energy companies is similar to hundreds of other small, Michigan-based firms. A stronger, more robust energy infrastructure means more jobs and more opportunities for businesses small and large in many different industries throughout the state.