Supply Chain Spotlight: Spectrum Construction Services

Michigan’s energy supply chain extends far beyond the local energy providers that generate and distribute power to homes and businesses. A broad range of other businesses across the state play crucial roles in keeping energy affordable, reliable, and sustainable for all of us.

From companies that help maintain power plants, to businesses that provide welding services, to the contract service providers, construction and engineering businesses, and many more, literally thousands of businesses large and small across our state are supported by Michigan’s energy sector.

Today, we’re spotlighting Spectrum Construction Services.

Spectrum Construction Services

Based in Fenton, Spectrum Construction Services is a wireless communications contractor specializing in civil, electrical, and wireless tower construction. Kevin Hill founded Spectrum Construction in 1999 after working as an apprentice in Ann Arbor. The son of an electrical contractor, both Michigan and electrical contracting run in his veins.

Installing and maintaining cell towers is no small task, and delivering power to cell towers is a critical service that requires highly specialized skills. Once a location is established for a cell tower, energy companies turn to specialized businesses like Spectrum Construction Services and their experts to design and install the electrical system that supports the tower. The key to a successful installation is preventing service interruption.

Just about every component of a cell tower requires electricity, from the antenna, remote radio head, amplifier, and microwave dish, to the cell site router and base station transceiver system. The electric system to support this highly sensitive technology includes not only power conduits, circuit breakers, and meters, but also backup systems. Many towers also have monitoring systems in place that report the conditions of a tower, including its current power status, to its operator.
Without reliable power, these towers couldn’t deliver the communication services we now rely on daily. Cell and smart phones, gaming, e-commerce, and a plethora of other daily tasks all depend on a smoothly functioning wireless communication network.

Having started his own business, Hill also understands the importance of choosing Michigan when it comes to energy policies that can either promote job growth or limit it. “As a Michigan business owner,” Hill says, “I believe it is critical for us to be self-reliant and provide jobs in our state…As an entrepreneur, I understand how important it is to our economy that we maintain control of our own energy decisions here in Michigan. As long as this is the case, jobs stay in the state and revenue flows throughout our communities.”

Hill is just one of hundreds of local business owners involved in the energy supply chain who are speaking out in support of Michigan energy. AMP is proud to showcase companies like Spectrum Construction Services that play such an important role in powering Michigan and local communities across our state.