Supply Chain Spotlight: Osborne Transformer Corporation

Osborne Transformer Corporation is a Detroit-area electromagnetic engineering firm that specializes in high-performance electrical transformers, inductors, and other electromagnetic components. The materials Osborne Transformer Corporation produces are vital components that help step down high-voltage electricity in order for it to be used in commercial and residential settings.

A Family Affair

Osborne Transformer Corporation, a third-generation, family-owned business, has manufactured electrical transformers specifically for Michigan-based energy companies since 1932.

In the late 1920s, founder Robert Osborne began experimenting with electromagnetic core and coil, laying the foundation for the future of Osborne products. Now a small business with 10 full-time employees, the company is known for its world-class electromagnetic design.

Over the years, the Osborne Transformer Corporation has forged business partnerships with some of Michigan’s top economic sectors, including the electric power and generation, automotive, and machine tool industries. And while it’s a homegrown business, Osborne partners with major organizations both in state and beyond, including NASA, DTE Energy, Intel, Ford, and more.

An Electrifying Relationship with Energy

As a manufacturer of transformers and inductors, James Osborne understands more than most how reliable, affordable energy—produced by Michiganders for Michiganders—helps support local jobs and strengthen our economy.

According to Osborne, “Our business and the work it provides exist because we have energy production in this state…ensur[ing] that Michigan power is produced in state [will] provide stable jobs for many years to come.”

Osborne Transformer Corporation both relies on a stable supply of electricity to design and build electrical transformers and helps contribute to energy reliability through its end-use products. Small-business owners like James Osborne know that a thriving energy supply chain means a thriving job market for Michigan.