Supply Chain Spotlight: Diversified Minority Services

When we Choose Michigan, we’re not just choosing local energy providers. We’re choosing the thousands of small businesses who are part of the Michigan energy supply chain. Today, we’re spotlighting Diversified Minority Services, another of the thousands of local Michigan businesses that help keep Michigan powered now and for the future.

Diversified Minority Services: Employment

Diversified Minority Services in Detroit employs 175 people to help clean and maintain coal-fired power plants. It’s a skilled job that requires more than you may expect. Boilers need stripping, foaming, power washing, and waxing, and unless they are maintained correctly, they lose efficiency pretty quickly.

Rick Wiseman has led his employees in this crucial work for 40 years; basically, his entire adult life. Starting as an entry-level worker, he climbed the company ladder to his current position of general manager. Now, with responsibility for the scores of Michigan workers whom DMS employs, he sees just how important and beneficial in-state energy can be when it comes to good-paying local jobs.

“During my tenure [at DMS], including my time now as the general manager, I have seen firsthand just how profoundly the energy supply chain affects our citizens and our economy. When my company’s employees and so many others have jobs thanks to keeping our energy supply in state, our economy can become robust and our communities stronger.”

Local Businesses Boom When We Choose Michigan

When you flip a light switch, turn on your computer, or turn up the thermostat, the energy needed comes to your home or business via an extensive network of companies like Diversified Minority Services, and people like Rick.

The energy supply chain is not only essential for providing access to reliable and affordable power but is also essential for the health of our state and residents. You can learn more about the economic connections between our local energy providers and other key Michigan employment sectors here, here, and here.

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