Summer is Coming: 5 Ways to Increase your Energy Efficiency

Spring is slowly turning to summer in Michigan and things are heating up—not only with Michigan’s energy policy, but in terms of temperatures across the state.  As the mercury climbs, our personal energy use is bound to increase as well.  But with a few clever steps, you can start increasing your energy efficiency now so you’re prepared to stay cool—and cut costs—all summer long.

In addition to our standard tips, here are five ways to prepare for an energy-efficient summer—even if it’s still technically spring.

Cool for the Summer: 5 Tips to Start Beating the Heat Now   

Getting a home energy audit now is a great way to identify problem areas that could add up to wasted energy (and dollars) in the summer. Consult your local energy provider for details. 

Setting the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting (120° F) will not only save energy and money, but it will also prevent you from scalding your hands.

An A/C unit in the sun is 10 percent less effective than a shaded one. Position window units on the shaded side of your home if possible.  You can also plant trees or install awnings to provide additional shade for both full-size or window units.

If you haven’t already this year (or ever), drain your water heater tank completely. This will flush out any minerals and sediment and make your water heater more efficient for the summer.

Summer’s already a perfect time for a cookout, but grilling outdoors also helps you avoid adding additional heat and humidity to your home, reducing the need to crank up the A/C even more.

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A little planning now can go a long way to increasing your energy efficiency all summer long.  Don’t wait until the summer heat is here—start making your home more energy efficient today!

How do you prepare for the hot summer months?  Let us know if we missed any of your favorite energy efficiency tips!