Strong Energy Infrastructure Builds a Stronger Michigan

AMP is proud to support United for Infrastructure week, Sept. 14 -21. This annual event celebrates the importance of America’s infrastructure and puts out a national challenge to invest in it. We want to recognize and celebrate the energy policy leaders who have taken risks and made strides and shaped investment in infrastructure.

In Michigan, Sally Talberg made huge strides as chairman of the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) and has met that challenge with bold, smart environmental decisions that have made a lasting impact on our state’s infrastructure.

The United for Infrastructure challenge: Let’s #RebuildBetter

United for Infrastructure week brings together businesses, workers, elected leaders, and everyday citizens to ensure that our nation’s infrastructure meets the needs of every American – both now and for future generations. It does this by putting out the challenge: Let’s Rebuild Better.

Program highlights include:

United for Infrastructure, a non-profit organization, champions the essential role infrastructure plays in our daily lives, economy, communities, jobs, public health, and national security. This week’s signature annual event is only one of the ways it educates the American public and policymakers about the importance of infrastructure. Throughout the year, it convenes the  Presidential Candidate Infrastructure Forum, podcasts, webinars, workshops, and more. Check out the FAQs about United for Infrastructure.

How Sally Talberg has met this challenge, and then some

The courage, determination and bold decisions of Sally A. Talberg, whose term on the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) ends next year, have made a lasting impact in helping  Michigan rebuild better.
After a distinguished career in energy and environmental policy and utility regulation, she was appointed to the MPSC in 2013 by former Governor Rick Snyder and became its chairman in early 2016. During her tenure, Sally has helped make sure all residents have safe, affordable energy by increasing grid resiliency, expanding grid connections across the state, and protecting Michiganders from shutoffs during the pandemic.

These of just a few of the many MPSC achievements she spearheaded:

  • Addressed future clean energy needs by granting a certificate of necessity, despite intense opposition, for DTE Energy’s Clair County natural gas facility — which replaces three aging coal plants.
  • Assured greater energy reliability with a comprehensive energy report with recommendations including a more resilient grid, developing a formal contingency plan for disruptions, and crafting stronger cyber and physical security for our critical energy infrastructure.
  • Prevented vulnerable Michiganders from losing energy during the COVID-19 pandemic by working with utility companies to voluntarily extend shutoff protections and flexible payment options, and created public service radio ads with Consumer’s Energy and DTE Energy to get the word out about how to get this assistance.

We can’t thank you enough, Sally, for your vision and for standing up to naysayers to always do what was right for Michigan’s energy infrastructure — and for Michiganders. It is imperative that the next generation of commissioners and leaders in Michigan continue rising to the challenge of United for Infrastructure to rebuild better. The future of Michigan energy policy is in their hands and we need leaders to make bold decisions to ensure that energy remains safe, reliable, and affordable for all Michiganders.

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