Step One

Speak Out Against the "Powering Michigan Backward" Legislation

The Michigan Senate recently held a hearing on the deceptively titled “Powering Michigan Forward” legislation we’ve been telling you about. These bills will actually move our state backward by reinstating outdated policies and give unfair subsidies to private, rooftop solar installers—subsidies that come at the expense of most Michigan energy consumers.
The proposed legislation could end up undermining investment in the grid, driving prices up for the majority of Michigan homes and businesses, and even slowing the advancement of clean and renewable energy statewide.
This is special interest legislation that benefits the rooftop solar industry while threatening reliability and affordability for all Michiganders. Our lawmakers need to hear from us so they know we are watching and that we expect them to do what’s right for all Michiganders—not just special interests with an army of out-of-state supporters.
Speak out today by contacting your legislators!

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