SPRING Forward with these Top 10 Energy Efficiency Tips

This spring, clean up your energy usage with these top 10 energy efficiency tips! There are many ways you can proactively manage energy costs in your home or business that don’t require a lot of extra work—and the less energy we all use, the easier it is to keep energy reliable, affordable, and sustainable for everyone.

Take a look at AMP’s Energy Efficiency Top 10 for spring, and try what works best for you.

  1. On average, 18% of a home’s energy costs come just from heating water. Try doing your laundry with cold water to keep this cost down.
  2. Opt for more energy-efficient lighting choices, like CFL or LED bulbs. Traditional incandescent bulbs only convert 10-15% of their energy into light—the rest is simply heat!
  3. Place televisions, lamps, and other appliances further away from your thermostat. If your thermostat senses the heat given off by these appliances, your air conditioning may continue to run when it’s not necessary.
  4. If you have a ceiling fan, turn it off when you leave the room. Remember—a fan creates a wind effect that will cool you down, but not the room you’re in.
  5. When doing the dishes, try using the air-dry feature on your dishwasher. It reduces the amount of energy your dishwasher uses!
  6. Not only is it safer, but fully emptying the lint vent in your dryer after every load will dry your clothes more efficiently.
  7. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat that will not only reduce the amount of energy you use but could also save you an estimated 10% a year on your energy costs.
  8. Pull open the shades and open the windows when we’re enjoying sunny spring days. Taking advantage of natural sunlight and the still-cool temps will keep you comfortable for a fraction of the cost.
  9. Take advantage of the microwave to heat up leftovers instead of a stove top or oven. “You can reduce cooking energy by as much as 80% when using your microwave for small portions.”
  10. Spring is also a great time to start working on improvements that will make your home more energy-efficient all year round. Schedule routine maintenance for your cooling system to make sure it is running efficiently when the hot summer weather hits.  Seal cracks and add caulking around windows to keep warm air out and cool air in.  Consider adding insulation to your home to keep the temperature inside your house more constant.  You can learn more about weatherization here and here. And low-income families may qualify for weatherization assistance.

It takes an all-of-the-above energy mix to power Michigan, but it doesn’t take an all-of-the-above approach to make your home more energy efficient. Any combination of smart energy choices can help make an impact. Pick your favorite tips and implement them into your day-to-day routine to keep your energy costs low all year long.