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These Michigan companies represent the wide array of local businesses from all economic sectors that make up Michigan’s vibrant energy supply chain.

Aaron’s Fabrication

Aaron’s Fabrication is a family-owned business based in Chesterfield, Michigan, that works with local energy companies to provide metal fabrication and welding services that help strengthen and support our state’s entire energy infrastructure. The services they provide are essential in constructing strong, supportive pipelines for transporting natural gas.


Diversified Minority Services

Diversified Minority Services (DMS) is a Detroit-area janitorial contracting business that helps clean and maintain coal-fired power plants. Employing 175 people, their vital services not only help keep power-generating plants clean, but also allow them to operate more efficiently, which benefits all Michiganders and our entire electrical system.


Spectrum Construction Services

Spectrum Construction Services is a wireless communications contractor specializing in civil, electrical, and wireless tower construction based in Fenton, Michigan. Founded in 1999, Spectrum Construction plays an important role in delivering power to the cell towers that enable us all to communicate more easily and instantaneously than ever.


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