Spotlight on Local Voluntary Green Pricing Programs in Michigan

Voluntary Green Pricing Programs are making it easier than ever for Michiganders to help lower their environmental impact by allowing them to have a certain amount of the power they use come from our state’s many renewable energy resources.

Part of the reason Voluntary Green Pricing Programs work so well for Michigan is because participation is easy—you can sign up online, there is no need to install or maintain equipment at your home, and costs are factored into your regular energy bills.

These programs help make renewable energy work for more Michiganders, regardless of home ownership or economic status, making the promise of renewable energy a truly universal one.

Like it says in the name, Voluntary Green Pricing Programs are also just that—completely voluntary. That means Michiganders who are interested in increasing their use of renewable energies like wind or solar can opt to pay a little more each month to ensure a certain percentage of the electricity they use comes from those sources. This helps expand the use of renewables in our state in a fair way without increasing costs for everyone.

Consumers Energy’s Solar Gardens

The green energy options offered by Consumers Energy include their Solar Gardens program. This program allows consumers to designate a certain amount of the electricity they receive to come from one of Consumers Energy’s large-scale solar arrays at Western Michigan University or Grand Valley State University. Consumers are able to enroll in the program and purchase “SolarBlocks” in ½ kilowatt increments.

According to Consumers Energy, each SolarBlock could offset 16 tons of carbon dioxide over the lifetime of the project—equivalent to eliminating 5 tons of landfill waste. Learn more about Solar Gardens.

DTE Energy’s MIGreenPower

DTE Energy’s Voluntary Green Pricing Program is called MIGreenPower, and it allows consumers to enroll at anywhere between 5 and 100 percent of renewable energy.

MIGreenPower has grown by leaps and bounds in its first five years, enrolling:

Some of the participants of the MIGreenPower program include Ford, General Motors, the Detroit Zoo, and the University of Michigan. Because of the popularity and growth of the program, DTE announced in February 2022 that it would add new renewable energy projects totaling approximately 500 megawatts to meet demand and help move Michigan closer to a carbon neutral future.

Learn more about MIGreenPower and check out DTE Energy’s environmental impact to see how supporting renewable energy development can make a difference.

The Voluntary Green Pricing Programs offered by our local energy providers help Michiganders take advantage of our renewable energy resources and support a diverse mix of clean energy production, including natural gas and nuclear. That helps protect reliability, affordability, and fairness for all. These programs are a win for consumers and our state’s efforts to remain a leader in clean energy.

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