Spotlight on Energy Efficiency in Michigan Schools

Labor Day has come and gone, marking the unofficial end of summer.  Now that Michigan schools are back in session, the Alliance for Michigan Power thought it would be appropriate to take a look at how some local energy providers are partnering with area schools to support energy-efficiency efforts statewide.

Partners in Efficiency

Over the past six years, both of Michigan’s largest local energy providers—DTE Energy and Consumers Energy—have made energy efficiency for Michigan’s public schools a priority. 

Partnering with 535 school districts, their efforts have resulted in $14.3 million in incentives, saving participating schools a total of $186 million on their energy bills over the lifetime of these efficiency projects.  Since 2009:

Commitment to Our Communities

Both the energy efficiency programs mentioned above highlight the close relationship our local energy providers have with our schools and our communities.  These partnerships highlight for the next generation of Michiganders both the importance of using energy wisely and the importance of continually improving our schools.  It’s a win-win for Michigan’s education system and our energy future.

Do you think it’s important to improve our schools’ energy efficiency and highlight this issue for students? Tell us what you think!