Solar Power Investments by Michigan Energy Providers

As solar power’s role in Michigan continues to grow, our local energy providers are at the forefront—investing in innovative, new technologies and incorporating greater use of solar energy into our state’s “all of the above” energy approach.

Local Projects in the Spotlight

With interest in solar power rising, local energy providers are finding ways to incorporate large-scale solar projects into communities across the state.  Often referred to as “utility-scale” solar, these efforts allow Michigan to build its solar capabilities in cost-effective ways that protect energy fairness, access, and reliability.

Smart Integration is Critical

With the retirement of nine coal-fired power plants over the coming year, solar power’s role in Michigan’s power mix will only continue to grow. 

As the state’s largest investors in solar energy—DTE Energy alone has invested around $2 billion in renewable energy projects since 2008—our local energy providers are helping ensure solar is integrated into our state’s energy mix in cost-effective ways that benefit all Michiganders.

Large-scale, community-based solar energy projects help ensure everyone is able to benefit from renewable energy—not just individual homes or businesses.  A large-scale approach to solar power is a key part of securing Michigan’s energy future for all Michiganders.

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