Snyder Outlines Energy Plans in State of State Address

On the evening of January 20, Governor Rick Snyder (R) gave the annual State of the State address in the State Capitol in Lansing.

The Alliance for Michigan Power (AMP) was pleased to note that, when the Governor outlined his energy policy principles—affordability, reliability, and environmental protection—they were much like AMPs own four pillars: economy and jobs; innovation and sustainability; access, reliability, and fairness; and Michigan’s energy future. 

Focusing on Michigan Energy

During his remarks, the Governor addressed key energy issues for Michigan, including putting in place a new state energy agency to coordinate all state energy policy in 2015.

This new agency will bring numerous functions now housed among several agencies under one organizational roof. The Governor will detail the specifics of the new agency and the state’s energy approach in a more in-depth, energy-focused address in March. 

Governor Snyder also discussed eliminating energy waste, managing the transition from coal to natural gas, and renewable energy as focuses of his energy policies, as well as a beneficial agreement to solve the reliability and affordability crisis looming for the Upper Peninsula.

Embracing a New Approach

AMP applauds Governor Snyder for his focus on a Michigan first energy initiative, both in his speech and in his upcoming policy agenda. We especially applaud his plan to create a new state energy agency to better coordinate Michigan’s energy policies—particularly in the face of increasingly strict federal regulations on electricity generation, which could greatly impact Michiganders.  

We believe the Governor’s Michigan first energy initiative will help ensure local energy producers, citizens, and civic groups play a pivotal role in shaping our state’s energy future.  It will also help ensure that, while our energy sources shift in the coming years, the impact on consumers in terms of reliability, affordability, and the economy, and the impact on Michigan’s natural resources will be as minimal as possible.

We will remain watchful of the Governor’s approach to energy policies in 2015, and let you know what opportunities AMP has to work toward the best policies for Michigan’s consumers, businesses, and families.