Smart vs. Poor Energy Policy: Think Energy at the Polls

Tomorrow is Election Day. We’d like to take one last opportunity to urge all Michigan voters to exercise their right to vote on Tuesday.

Silicon What?

The candidates we elect will determine how energy policy shapes our state’s future for years and decades to come. As a member of AMP, you know it’s important to get it right.

Vote for Michigan Energy

Voters in 2014 have a lot to consider when deciding whom to vote for in local, state, and federal elections. As you head to the polls tomorrow, we hope Michigan energy and the energy issues facing Michigan consumers will be a factor in how you vote, especially for state and local candidates.

As we discussed in our September “Election Day and Michigan’s Energy Future” blog post, we expect the Michigan legislature to focus on our state’s energy future in 2015. We need to keep Michigan on the right track–one that ensures energy access, reliability, and fairness, while creating local jobs and strengthening our economy.

Inform Your Voice—and Your Vote

Need a last-minute refresher on candidates and issues?

Polls will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm tomorrow. Check your voter registration card for polling location information (or search for it here). Click here to see a list of approved forms of identification you can bring with you.

A Bright Michigan Energy Future

AMP’s primary mission is to make sure our voices are heard on the energy issues that impact Michigan energy consumers every day. Voting is one of the most important ways you can express your concerns and help ensure a bright energy future for all Michiganders.