Smart Vs. Poor Energy Policy: Keeping Us Warm in the Winter

Michigan’s bitterly cold winters mean we have to be even smarter than most when it comes to energy policy and personal choices. As we outlined in a recent post, for consumers, this primarily means winterizing your home and using electricity wisely to save energy and keep costs as low as possible.

For Michigan energy providers, it’s much more complicated. Every day, they strive to implement the best processes and practices to meet the energy needs of all Michiganders. The energy policies our lawmakers in Lansing pursue have a tremendous impact on our ability to plan for—and accommodate—winter weather.

The Role of Smart Energy Policy

Some of these smart energy choices—made by both our state leaders and our local energy providers—include:

•Opposing increases to electric deregulation in Michigan.
•Supporting innovation and sustainability.
•Sponsoring low-income energy assistance programs.
•Promoting good jobs and a strong Michigan economy.
•Supporting smart energy policies at the local level.

Local energy producers’ dedication to smart energy policies is one of the big reasons why Michiganders enjoy abundant energy, even in the coldest months of the year when demand is highest.

Smart energy policies also allow our local energy providers to effectively respond to outages, prepare for big winter storms, and make vital infrastructure investments to help secure and update our energy grid. All of these things add up to a brighter future—and warmer winter—for Michigan families.

Meanwhile, poor energy policy would undermine local energy providers’ ability to make such investments, weakening our state’s energy future and security.

Michigan Gets It

It isn’t just AMP members that understand the importance of reliable electricity.

A recent article in the Atlantic Monthly reports on an analysis by Facebook of what people were thankful for this Thanksgiving, broken down by state. Out of everything Michiganders have to be thankful for this year, electricity topped the list.

Clearly, Michiganders understand the vital role smart energy policies play in keeping the lights on and heating our homes and businesses, especially as another harsh winter approaches. As we head into a new year—with a new state legislature—the conversation around how to best plan for Michigan’s energy future will be just as vital.