Smart vs. Poor Energy Policy: Jobs and the Economy

Smart energy policy for Michigan.  We talk about it all the time—as do our elected officials—but what does that really mean?  Over the next several weeks, the Alliance for Michigan Power will be examining what smart energy policies actually look like in practice, as well as what poor energy policies could mean for our state’s future.

Today, we’re looking at the impact of smart and poor energy policies on Michigan jobs and our state’s economy.

Smart Energy Policy   Poor Energy Policy 
  • Supports local jobs and helps create new ones right here in Michigan
  • Creates barriers to local job creation and results in fewer jobs for Michiganders
  • Encourages investment in Michigan’s energy infrastructure, keeping tax dollars in-state to benefit our communities
  • Funnels money away from local communities to out-of-state energy companies (see also: electric deregulation)
  • Creates a business-friendly environment that attracts new economic development to our state
  • Discourages new businesses from forming or relocating to Michigan
  • Enables locally owned electric providers to support education, emergency services, and other vital resources
  • Benefits out-of-state electric companies and supports their state’s resources and services – not our own

The Importance of Smart Energy Policy

We’ve come a long way under Michigan’s 2008 energy law.  Our economy has been improving, jobs are growing, and local energy providers are making the investments necessary to reinvigorate our communities statewide.  But with certain provisions of that law set to expire in 2015, it’s critically important for our lawmakers to keep us on a path that will balance Michigan’s economic and environmental priorities and keeps electricity, reliable, affordable, and accessible for everyone in our state.

How do you think smart energy policies affect local jobs and our economy?  Is there anything we missed?  We’d love to hear what you think—tell us your thoughts today!