Smart Vs. Poor Energy Policy: Innovation and Sustainability

We’ve already discussed what smart energy policy looks like with regard to our state’s economy and jobs as well as the impact it has on low-income Michigan families Energy policy also has a huge impact on local energy providers’ ability to innovate, grow, and develop new sustainable technologies to protect the environment, grow our economy, and create good jobs.

Smart Energy Policies, Smart Energy…

Energy policy impacts efforts to promote and improve innovation and sustainability in a number of ways:

A Better Energy Future

Together, we are working to support sustainable energy solutions and increase investment in a Michigan energy infrastructure that is innovative, forward-looking, and can keep our economy going at full throttle for the next century or more.  

As part of this effort, we are also working hard to make sure the public and our elected officials understand these important and complex issues, and recognize both the positive and negative impacts of their policy decisions. 

What other ways do you see energy policy playing a role in improving innovation and sustainability?  Tell us your thoughts