Separating Renewable Myths from Facts

Michigan’s clean energy future will rely on a diverse energy mix, including renewable resources like universal wind and solar, hydro power, biomass, as well as clean energies like nuclear, natural gas, and more.

However, when it comes to renewable energy, there are still a lot of myths that persist in the general public. Below are three of the biggest renewable energy myths—as well as the facts behind them.

Myth 1

One of the biggest myths about renewable energy is that it is too expensive to be practical for everyday use.

In reality, the cost of universal wind and solar energythe kinds of large-scale projects led by local energy providers—continues to drop year over year, making it competitive with coal, nuclear, and natural gas. That’s good news for Michigan’s clean energy future.

Myth 2

Another popular myth about solar power in particular is that too many people are unable to access this renewable resource.

The fact is that universal solar projects by local energy providers are shattering that myth, generating this renewable energy resource at roughly half the cost and expanding access to hundreds of thousands of Michigan homes and business statewide.

Myth 3


The last myth we’re dispelling today is a popular one about wind energy: that wind turbines create too much noise for local residents.

In reality, wind turbines are typically placed at least 300 meters away from a home or more. From that distance, a turbine registers roughly 43 decibels, somewhere between the noise an average refrigerator and air conditioner make.