Senate Passes Michigan-First Energy Policy

Good news out of Lansing! We are now one step closer to a brighter energy future for all Michiganders.

“Two years in the making,” according to Senator Nofs as he spoke on the Senate floor, Senate Bills 437 and 438 have finally passed the Michigan Senate. This is huge — and we couldn’t have had this victory without all your hard work and support.

After deliberating and hearing some minor changes to the legislation, the Senate ultimately passed Senate Bill 437 by a 27 – 9 vote. Senate Bill 438 passed with 26 senators voting “aye” and 10 voting “nay.”

What Happens Next?

Now that the Senate has passed the Nofs-Proos energy package, it moves to the House where our representatives could either take it up and suggest changes or vote on the current version. After passing the House, the bills will then move to Governor Snyder’s desk to be signed into law.

No matter which route the House takes, one thing is certain: we have a tough fight ahead of us if we want to ensure our legislators Choose Michigan by passing the Nofs-Proos energy legislation. The House has a very small window of opportunity to consider and pass this legislation so it can be signed into law this year. Otherwise, we may have to start all over again from scratch in 2017.

As soon as we have a better understanding of the legislative state of play, we’ll let you know if and when it’s time to make our voices heard once more to make this final push.

We have our work cut out for us, but with your help we can ensure Lansing passes a Michigan-first energy policy that supports local jobs, strengthens our communities, and secures our energy future for years to come. Stay tuned!