Save Money & Help Michigan Reliability This Summer!

It may not be official yet, but for many parts of the country, it definitely feels like summer.  As we all gear up for fun vacations and holiday weekends, we should also keep in mind our own personal energy use.

Mindful energy use benefits Michiganders individually and collectively: every household can save money by paying attention to personal energy use, and every household that uses energy more wisely does their part to keep electricity reliable for all of us.

How Personal Energy Use Affects Reliability

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: summer is a time of year when energy is in high demand. Michigan is no exception to this rule.  In fact, Michigan uses more energy on average than the rest of the country all year-round.  According to Valerie Brader, Executive Director of the newly created Michigan Agency for Energy, “Michiganders use 38 percent more energy than the national average.”

Summer temperatures mean increased energy use to cool our businesses and homes.  That means more people are using air conditioners, fans, pool pumps, outdoor appliances, and more—all using up more of our energy resources and putting demand on Michigan’s electric grid. However, using energy in smarter ways, including energy-efficiency programs and tools, will help keep energy affordable and reliable for Michigan residents and businesses.

Energy Efficiency in Michigan’s Energy Policy Discussion

As Michigan lawmakers continue to debate our energy future, our elected officials on both sides of the aisle are putting more focus on energy efficiency. Both Governor Rick Snyder and legislative leaders are working on energy plans that would help address the affordability and reliability of our electricity, and their plans include a range of approaches to improving energy efficiency across the state. While increased efficiency will not solve Michigan’s impending electric capacity crisis, it can help us improve how we use our existing energy infrastructure, such as minimizing stress on the grid during peak usage times of the day, so that we all benefit.

What You Can Do at Home

As we wait for state leaders to put new energy policies in place, we can all be doing more to reduce our personal energy use.

Here are some easy tips for the summer months:

With a few easy and inexpensive tweaks, we can cut our energy use, increase our savings, and make sure we all have the dependable, reliable power we need throughout the season!

What are you doing to help cut back on your personal energy use this summer?  Let us know!