Responsible Regulation

Responsible regulation ensures energy remains reliable, affordable, and sustainable for all Michigan homes, businesses, and communities.

Responsible Regulation Protects Michigan

Policy decisions at all levels of government impact the way we produce, distribute, and use energy.

Responsible regulation provides a framework for energy companies, businesses, and communities to work together to secure Michigan’s energy future.

Powering Michigan, Responsibly

  • Reliability – Ensuring there is enough energy capacity to meet the needs of all Michigan energy consumers
  • Affordability – Maintaining a flexible, cost-effective mix of resources and technologies to help keep costs low and stable for consumers
  • Sustainability – Integrating renewable and clean energy into our energy mix in ways that protect reliability and affordability while making our energy supply cleaner for the long term
  • Fairness – Ensuring our state’s energy polices treat all consumers equally and all Michiganders benefit from the investments we make in our energy system

Michigan has a strong framework in place for achieving all of these energy goals. Now our task is to build on that framework in ways that will meet consumers’ needs in both the short and long term. AMP will continue advocating for smart energy policy decisions out of Lansing to keep energy safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable for everyone.


Top 4 Reasons Michigan Needs an All-of-the-Above Energy Mix

Investing in an all-of-the-above energy strategy means investing in Michigan’s energy future. Natural gas, hydro, wind, solar, and nuclear all work together in different ways to support Michigan’s energy needs.


The MPSC: Your Questions Answered!

No policy decision affecting how Michigan produces and uses energy is made overnight. In fact, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into keeping energy affordable, reliable, and sustainable.


Michigan Energy March Madness!

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