Renewed Debate Over Michigan’s Future Energy Policy

With hundreds of Michiganders having expressed their opinions at seven public forums around the state and thousands more registering their comments via the Internet, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is expected to unveil his proposal for the state’s energy policy in November.

This raises some urgent questions.  Will he attempt to build upon and strengthen the policy enacted in 2008?  Or will he recommend that Michigan further deregulate its electricity market by raising the 10 percent cap on Michigan’s Electric Choice Program?

Glenn Gilbert of The Oakland Press offers some perspective on the ongoing debate and what it means for Michiganders in his article, “Michigan energy policy needs to blend interests.”

This is all coming at a critical time. Michigan’s energy companies are aggressively engaged in efforts to meet the goals set by the state’s 2008 Energy Policy, which requires them to meet 10% of their electricity sales from renewable resources in 2015. Together they have invested nearly $4 billion and created thousands of jobs since the law took effect.

AMP believes it’s time to stay the course. Michigan’s current energy policy—although not perfect—is achieving its desired results. It provides reasonable regulations and common-sense protections for consumers. It ensures fairness and reliability, and provides a solid foundation to help Michigan utilities plan for the future. We need a pro-consumer, pro-business energy policy that benefits all of Michigan, not just special interests groups or out-of-state companies.

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