Reliable Renewables

Renewable energy is important to Michigan’s energy future and can be integrated into our energy system in ways that benefit all consumers without putting reliability at risk.

Renewable energy is vital to a diverse energy mix and a sustainable energy future for Michigan.

A key goal of Michigan’s 2016 energy law was to encourage the continued development and integration of renewable energy resources by:

  • Increasing the renewable fuel standard from 10 to 15 percent by 2021
  • Establishing a larger, combined goal of 35 percent renewable energy and/or energy effciency by 2025

Local energy providers are investing billions of dollars in wind, solar, and hydro power across the state to ensure we achieve these ambitious goals while still keeping energy affordable and reliable, and protecting fairness for all Michigan consumers.

Moving forward, Michigan will need new policies that help more Michiganders benefit from renewable energy. Smart renewable energy policies will:

  • Allow us to deploy advances in technology and renewable energy as they emerge from innovation
  • Ensure our state’s renewable energy policies integrate with our need for reliable, 24/7 energy generation
  • Grow renewable energy’s availability to everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances

Smart energy policies that focus on both a flexible approach and affordable prices to increasing renewable energy generation will work for Michigan in both the short and long term.