Reliable Energy Depends on Reasonable Regulations

When you enter a dark room and light it with the simple flip of a switch, do you take it for granted? Most of us with access to reliable energy do—but this everyday act is nothing short of incredible if you stop to think about it. It takes tens of thousands of men and women working hard every day to make sure power is generated and delivered to millions of customers statewide.

Reliable Energy Requires Real Commitment

Just a little more than a decade ago, the Northeast blackout of 2003 left large areas of seven states and the Canadian province of Ontario without power—including millions of homes and businesses in Michigan. That event underscores the importance of energy in our lives and why we must continually maintain and improve our energy infrastructure.

Nothing can guarantee 100 percent reliability, but Michigan’s energy companies have devoted and continue to devote billions of dollars to protect against another such incident, and ensure we can resolve problems quickly when outages occur. But they can’t do it alone—our leaders in Lansing must work with, not against, our state’s energy providers to ensure we create common-sense solutions that balance immediate needs with long-term concerns.

Balancing Energy Access with Economic Recovery and Environmental Concerns

Michigan needs reasonable regulations that encourage investment in energy innovation and system upgrades. Although not perfect, Michigan’s 2008 Energy Policy was an important step forward.

Our state’s current energy policy helps protect Michigan consumers from volatile electricity markets and ensures reliable access for all Michiganders. It also established realistic goals for developing renewable energy. Most importantly, it positions Michigan-owned and -operated utilities to be an engine of economic growth in partnership with their customers and our state government.

Michigan’s future depends on reliable energy, and that’s why the Alliance for Michigan Power supports a balanced approach to energy policy, one that helps us continue to advance our technology and infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing population and evolving economy.

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