Your Questions Answered: Solar Power in Michigan

Solar power is growing in Michigan. While our climate may be more conducive to wind power, solar is becoming more competitive with other sources of energy and prices are dropping.

The role of solar power will likely become more important as Michigan addresses a number of issues, including new federal regulations. With nine coal-powered plants closing in the next year—and 60 percent of Michigan’s coal generation coming offline in the next 15 years—we need an “all of the above” energy approach that allows us to tap into a diverse set of power sources to meet the energy needs of all Michiganders.

Investing in the Future

It might come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t, that local energy providers DTE Energy and Consumers Energy are Michigan’s two largest investors in solar power.  Their investment in building up our state’s solar capabilities underscores the important role our local energy providers play in planning for Michigan’s energy future.

The Right Policies Matter

To integrate solar power into our state’s energy mix in a responsible, fair way, Michigan needs the right energy policies in place—policies that:

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