Protomatic Inc.

Energy Supply Chain Profile

Business Name: Protomatic  Inc.

Managing Director: Doug Wetzel

Headquarters: Dexter

Product(s) or Service(s): CNC precision machine shop specializing in prototype and short-run production components primarily for the medical and aerospace industries.

Number of Employees: 30

Number of Facilities: 1

What does Protomatic do?

Protomatic is a precision machine shop specializing in manufacturing components for the medical and aerospace industries.  In business since 1971, Protomatic now operates out of a state of the art 30,500 sqft facility in Dexter, Michigan.  In addition to the medical and aerospace industries, Protomatic also works with the automotive, defense, optical, and hi-tech start-ups manufacturing custom parts for prototypes or large assembly of custom parts.

Hear from the Doug Wetzel

It requires a lot of electricity to keep our machines operational.  We consume approximately 1.4 Megawatts of power per day.  As a high demand consumer of power, we are always looking for ways to reduce our energy footprint while still keeping our energy reliable.  The past few years we have updated to more energy efficient lighting throughout the facility.  Additionally, as we add vehicles, we will add more hybrid electric/electric cars to our fleet.  Every little bit we can do to reduce our emissions will help reduce our costs and our emissions.”

Why Keeping Energy Local Matters

As an environmentally conscious company, Protomatic believes we should all do our part to conserve energy and save where we can financially: taking the all of the above energy approach for Michigan’s energy sources helps us do just that!

“As an energy consumer, smart energy policies that keep our energy affordable and reliable are important.  If we can do this in a way that will also reduce our energy footprint then it is a win-win for all.”