Politics of Energy Policy

Smart energy policy is driven by policymakers who recognize keeping our energy supply reliable, affordable, and sustainable is vital to Michigan’s energy and economic future.

Politics and Energy Policy

Energy is a top priority for Michigan’s legislators—and with good reason. It’s crucial to almost all of our other goals: creating more jobs, improving education, building stronger local communities, and connecting more Michiganders to new opportunities.

The energy policy decisions our elected officials make shape Michigan’s ability to achieve those goals.

AMP works both to educate our lawmakers and support smart energy policies. Our leaders in Lansing need to hear from voters to better understand how our energy policies will either support or hinder Michigan’s ability to transform our aging electric infrastructure into a next-generation energy grid.

AMP members like you can engage most effectively in Michigan’s energy policy discussions when you understand how politics and policymaking work in our state and where you can have the greatest impact in that process.