PEVs Changing Detroit’s Auto Industry

When we think about innovation and sustainability, we usually think of how energy is produced.  Here in Michigan, our energy providers are developing cutting-edge technology to utilize renewable resources to power our homes and businesses.  But we can promote sustainability through our end use as well, and few things are making as much of a difference in this regard as how we power our automobiles.

Detroit Committed to PEVs

As it turns out, electric vehicles aren’t actually new to the Motor City.  In the early 1900s, Detroit was the first American city to use electric taxicabs. Now, the Big Three automakers are embracing Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEVs) and consumers are getting on board:

Change = Investment

Of course, the auto industry has decades of infrastructure and research and development devoted to the internal combustion engine, and gas-powered vehicles—and the jobs they support—will still be around for a long time.

Like any new technology, the proliferation and profitability of PEVs will take considerable investment.  Michigan’s major automakers have invested billions of dollars to develop these vehicles and continue to do so.  The federal government has also invested billions of dollars to support the development of PEVs, which helps create jobs as well.

Beyond the major auto industry players, other Michigan companies and industries are investing in PEV technologies.  For example, Detroit Electric is developing an exciting new PEV sports car.

Michigan’s Power Companies Support PEVs

As we discussed in a recent blog post, Michigan’s energy providers are unequivocally and enthusiastically supportive of alternative transportation fuels.

Of course, the energy industry will also have to invest and find practical solutions to ensure our grid is ready for widespread PEV use.  Upgrading our electric infrastructure is already a top priority for Michigan’s energy future.

Energy consumers will need to do their part to maximize energy efficiency to help keep energy reliable for everything we use it for.

Do you own or have plans to invest in a PEV yourself? Share your experience with us.