Outdated energy infrastructure? Now that’s scary!

Halloween is around the corner, and while ghosts, monsters, and vampires are scary, there’s something much more frightening lurking in the shadows… outdated energy infrastructure!

To ensure that Michigan’s energy infrastructure doesn’t end up as Frankenstein’s Monster, we are making smart investments in new energy infrastructure and updating existing infrastructure to secure a bright energy future.

Take a look at AMP’s energy infrastructure priorities below!

  1. Natural Gas: Between the NEXUS pipeline and St. Clair County’s new plant, these exciting infrastructure investments are ensuring that natural gas is here to stay in Michigan, folding seamlessly into our state’s existing energy infrastructure.
  2. Hydro: The Ludington hydro plant, situated on the coast of Lake Michigan, was built in 1973 and is still a major player in Michigan’s hydroelectric power supply. The aging infrastructure will obviously need updates as the years go on. That’s why local energy providers are investing $40 million a year into the plant!
  3. Solar: To keep solar affordable, reliable, and sustainable, local electricity providers like DTE Energy and Consumers Energy are investing in large scale solar, so that all Michiganders can benefit from the clean energy solar provides.
  4. A Strong Electric Grid: What do all these things have in common? The need for a strong electric grid, of course! Electricity cannot be stored which means it must be generated instantaneously with consumer demand. Modernizing our state’s electric grid will help increase reliability for all Michigan communities. Additionally, grid investments and upgrades like smart meters will help consumers manage their energy use better and help local providers more effectively track and respond to power issues.

Want to learn more about energy infrastructure? Check out this page on the AMP website about a stronger and smarter energy system!