Nuclear power already provides safe, clean, reliable energy to thousands of Michigan homes and businesses.

Nuclear Energy: Safe, Reliable, and Clean

Nuclear energy already provides a steady, safe flow of energy to hundreds of thousands of businesses and households in our state.  Our state’s nuclear energy capabilities offer Michigan added flexibility as we transform both how we produce and how we use energy day to day.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear plants run by local energy providers bring a host of benefits for Michigan.

  • Reliable energyHighest-reliability energy resource, with an average of 90% capacity factor (ration of power generated vs. maximum amount possible)
  • Controlled costsLowest-cost producer of 24/7 energy in the country
  • Empowered state and local economiesHundreds of millions of dollars in local economic activity and tens of millions in local tax revenue annually
  • Zero Greenhouse Gas emissionsOnly 24/7 universal power source that does not emit any carbon dioxide or other Greenhouse Gases
  • Diverse energy mix Currently 28% of Michigan’s energy supply

As we continue to update and improve our grid to meet 21st century energy needs, Michigan’s nuclear power capabilities will be critical to keeping our economy, businesses, homes, and much more running smoothly.


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