Nofs-Proos Legislation Moves Forward in the Michigan Senate

Lawmakers in Lansing took a big step forward in securing Michigan’s energy future on Wednesday.  The Senate Energy and Technology Committee passed Senate Bills 437 and 438—Senators Nofs’ and Proos’ energy package—moving the legislation out of Committee and on to a full Senate vote.


This is a tremendous achievement—and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support over the past several months.  Speaking out in favor of this legislation to your state senators has helped build crucial momentum for this legislation again after the legislature failed to pass a new energy law in 2015.

What Happens Now?

The Senate Committee vote is a key milestone, but there are several more steps in the process before a final bill is signed into law. Now that the Senate Committee has passed the Nofs-Proos energy package, there are a few ways the process could play out.

Time for Lansing to Act

Michigan’s capacity crisis is only going to grow the longer we wait to pass comprehensive new energy policy to secure Michigan’s energy future.  Our lawmakers need to act quickly and decisively to pass the Nofs-Proos energy solution so Michigan can:

Lansing has debated this issue long enough.  Last week’s vote represents a huge step forward in the legislative process.  Now it’s time for them to pass a true Michigan-first energy policy.

Stay Tuned

We still need your support to ensure the full Senate—and later the entire Michigan Legislature—understands the importance of passing this Michigan-first energy policy.

Take two minutes today to urge your state senator to vote YES on the Nofs-Proos energy package!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the legislation continues to move forward.