Nexus Pipeline Key to Michigan’s Clean Energy Future

Currently, Michigan’s DTE Energy and Texas’ Spectra Energy are building the Nexus Pipeline, a 250-mile long natural gas pipeline running through Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Ontario that will help deliver cleaner energy to this portion of the Upper Midwest and Canada.

The Nexus Pipeline project will help Michigan transition from coal to natural gas in the coming years, allowing us to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future for all Michiganders.

Addressing Capacity Issues                                                         Proposed Nexus Pipeline

The need for this pipeline is urgent in Michigan. As we have discussed previously, Michigan faces a growing electricity capacity crisis in the coming years.  This situation is only made worse by a combination of existing federal regulations that will lead to the closing of nine coal-fired power plants in 2016, and new federal regulations that lead to a significant transformation of how Michigan generates electricity.

Left unattended, this capacity crisis will drive up prices, threaten reliability, and even jeopardize electricity accessibility in our state. 

Increasing Reliability and Sustainability

The Nexus Pipeline will not only help us overcome the immediate capacity problem, but will also provide stable, sustainable, and affordable clean energy for Michigan’s families and businesses. It will do so by bringing Appalachian shale gas to high-demand markets like Detroit and Chicago, as well as other areas of the Midwest and Ontario.

Currently, the project is still in development and going through the necessary regulatory reviews. Once completed, the Nexus pipeline will deliver cleaner-burning natural gas to these markets. 

Part of Michigan’s Energy Future

The Nexus pipeline is key to securing an energy future in which Michigan produces its own electricity.  It will deliver a stable, cleaner American fuel source for electricity generation in Michigan, while also allowing us to update our existing infrastructure to transition away from coal and towards cleaner-burning natural gas.

We will continue to keep you updated as this vital project moves forward.  In the meantime, tell us what you think about the Nexus pipeline project.