Newman Consulting Group (NCG)

What does Newman Consulting Group do?

Newman Consulting Group (NCG) assists commercial, industrial and multi-family property owners incorporate sustainability principles, implement energy efficiency projects, and eliminate waste. Headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI, NCG has been helping architects, engineers, building owners and facility managers to have more energy-efficient buildings that use less energy and save money since 2002.

Hear from the Owner

Jim Newman, Managing Partner of Newman Consulting Group, knows that energy efficiency is not only good for Michigan’s environment but can also strengthen our state’s economy by saving building owners, manufacturers, hospitals, K-12 schools, and universities thousands of dollars per year in energy costs.

Our recent energy audit for Wayne State University resulted in energy efficiency changes that cost only  $13,200 but resulted in savings of over $20,000 a year in energy bills.

Why an All-of-the-Above Approach Matters for Energy Efficiency

Specializing in energy efficiency, NCG knows that Michigan cannot rely on just one energy source to secure a sustainable future, but must have many sources to be resilient.

Michigan requires a combination of all types of power in order to reduce our carbon emissions and become a more energy efficient state. Energy efficiency is not only good for our environment but also can provide thousands of dollars in savings for Michigan businesses that they can use to reinvest in our state’s economy.